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Swimming with “Fido” 


Summer is here. For many of us with dogs and kids, it also means splashing and playing in Lake Huron or the pool, sun shining
and big smiles on their faces. It is important to remember that dogs, just like children, need to be taught how to swim. This includes how to safely enter and exit the water. Even water-loving breeds like Labrador Retrievers can become fearful or water
and swimming from even one scary experience early on. Take your responsibility to teach your pets to swim seriously. Introduce them to pools or lakes thoughtfully and gradually. Never, ever toss a dog into the water to see if he can swim. Many dogs can’t, or panic and sink.

Also be cautious with children while teaching your dog to swim. A dog that does not know that a child is just splashing around and having fun may try to rescue your child and potentially hurt the child with the best intentions in mind. Gently coax cautious dogs into the water with a tossed floating toy, or best of all, with another dog who already has his water wings!

With a little effort you will have a dog who loves to splash and play, who puts a smile on your face every single day! Have a wonderful summer!