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We offer both canine and feline C.O.H.A.T procedures (comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment) under full general anesthetic. Our digital dental radiograph system provides images within 5 seconds. This means less time under anesthesia and ultimately a safer procedure for your pet.

Dental Equipment

Food & Drug Delivery

Never run out of food or medications again! Our clients can now shop for trusted veterinary products online. Your order may be delivered directly to your home or may be picked up during business hours at Queen Street Veterinary Services.

House Call Service

Dr Heather White & Dr Nick Buchok offer house calls in and around the Kincardine area. This service benefits pets that may have travel anxiety or generally become anxious or defensive in a new environment.

House Calls

Laboratory Services

Our in house lab allows for same day results. Services include hematology analyzer, blood chemistry analyzer, thyroid screen, electrolyte panel and much more.

Lab Equipment

PennHip Certification

The PennHIP program has earned a reputation as the most accurate and precise, evidence-based hip screening method to estimate a dog’s risk for developing canine hip dysplasia. Dr. Nick Buchok is a fully certified PennHIP member and is more than happy to discuss and evaluate your pet’s hips and overall joint health.

PennHip Certification


CR (computed radiography) system improves radiographic quality and overall accuracy. Radiographs are available to be interpreted in a matter of seconds allowing less stress for you and your pet. Referral to a board certified specialist is also available within the hour.


Spinal Manipulation Services

Many people visit chiropractors for both short term and long term treatment. Our pets can benefit from the same type of care. Dr Heather White has a post-graduate certification in veterinary spinal manipulative therapy, previously known as veterinary chiropractic therapy.

Many dogs and cats that we see have an acute issue, they suddenly have difficulty with stairs, jumping or even sitting. It is common for this to happen after a day of heavy exercise or swimming. Treatment is also beneficial for some pets suffering from arthritis or other orthopedic issues.

Both show and pleasure horses are also commonly treated for every day strain or more sudden injuries.

Please call 519-396-3647 for more information on dogs and cats treatments, or 519-396-0796 for information on horse treatments.

Surgical Services

For the safety and comfort of your pet our surgical suite offers full general anesthesia, specialized monitoring equipment which tracks heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate, body temperature, and blood pressure.

Dr. Heather White in Surgery Room


Dr Heather White & Dr Nick Buchok offer euthanasia in the comfort and privacy of your home as well as the Queen Street facility.