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How to cool your dogs’ painful Hot Spots

hotspot1In the morning you notice a red spot on your dog the size of a dime. By the time you get off work or come home from picking the kids up from school, the spot is the size of a Twoonie. More than likely your pet has what’s commonly referred to as a “hot spot”, which is a painful circle of inflammation more insanely irritating than a flea bite.


We urge you to bring a pet with a hot spot to see us, because they can quickly become fast and furious, they make pets absolutely miserable, they can become infected with resistant bacteria, and we have products that can treat hot spots the most effectively.


But we know sometimes life interferes with our best intentions, so while you are waiting for your appointment, here are a few things you can do at home to soothe that itchy spot:


Trim the area

It is helpful to trim around the area so it’s easier to treathotspot3



If the spot is only moderately tender, you can clean it with a mild antibacterial soap like PhysioDerm or a mild soap your children use as a face wash for acne.



To ease discomfort and help with cleaning, apply a soothing compress to the hot spot several times a day. The compress can also help loosen crusty areas so that you can gently wipe them away. We recommend using a compress with cold black or green tea that was brewed strong. Tea contains tannic acid, which helps dry the wound and helps it heal.


If your dog or cat is prone to hot spots we really want to talk to you about prevention, please call our team today!