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  • Dug Bite 3

    Preventing pesky insect stings – Bite back!

    When it comes to being an attractive target for biting insects, dogs must look like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Combine that with inquisitive dogs who sniff or get aggravated and bite at stinging insects like bees, hornets and wasps, it’s a wonder you dog doesn’t leak …

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  • Hotspot DunnDVM300ppi HOT SPOT DOGS

    How to cool your dogs’ painful Hot Spots

    In the morning you notice a red spot on your dog the size of a dime. By the time you get off work or come home from picking the kids up from school, the spot is the size of a Twoonie. More than likely your …

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  • Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 10.08.48 Pm

    Swimming with “Fido” 

      Summer is here. For many of us with dogs and kids, it also means splashing and playing in Lake Huron or the pool, sun shining and big smiles on their faces. It is important to remember that dogs, just like children, need to be …

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  • Pet Me Brush

    Dr. Heather’s Cure for Seasonal Hair Loss! 

    Do you have a dog who walks into the room during the spring molt and seems to explode like a hairy hand grenade, spreading furry shrapnel everywhere including on your clothes and in your nose? Yeah, it’s the time of year when we cry from allergies and …

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  • Staff Pictures. 2014 004 Sm

    About Us

    Queen Street Veterinary Services is a veterinary medical and surgical facility, located in the heart of downtown Kincardine. Queen Street Veterinary Services began servicing the Kincardine community in September 2008. The hospital was designed to provide quality medical and surgical care for your pets. Our main …

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